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Pick A Plan

We’ll never promise you the moon or guarantee that your website or social media campaign will make you rich – quick. We will, however, work hard to get to know you and understand your needs. We’ll ask questions as we go along and modify your package if/when needed. You’ll be invited to offer feedback and yes – we’ll listen to it.

Web Development

People in the web industry usually distinguish between three general efforts required to make a site work today: development, design and marketing. The combination of these is known as web services. Pine Media seeks to serve the needs of small businesses in all three aspects.

Web development is the programming side of a web site. From the basic html code that instructs a basic page to the more extensive codes that drive connections between a site and database the program is the nuts and bolts that make a site function efficiently and effectively.

Although there are many tools today that allow people to do sites without coding experience, it is essential to have the ability to read and edit code (even if one doesn’t actuyally write it) in order to bring out the best in a site and to fix what isn’t working properly (or to adapt a prewritten code to a particular clients needs).

Development also includes the ability to add elements to a site like forms, video, widgets, etc that enhance the interactivity between the site and the viewer.

When hiring a web builder – it is important to know how much experience they have with the many aspects of web development. Pine-Media staff have developed websites since 1997 and utilize the services of people who specialize in particular programming languages, so that a site is always “covered” with professional hands.