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Pick A Plan

We’ll never promise you the moon or guarantee that your website or social media campaign will make you rich – quick. We will, however, work hard to get to know you and understand your needs. We’ll ask questions as we go along and modify your package if/when needed. You’ll be invited to offer feedback and yes – we’ll listen to it.

Web Design

Although content is king when it comes to effective search engine optimization, we also know from numerous studies that people are more likely to stay on a site if it is effectively designed.

Design is not about cool and fancy, it is about being clean, having a professional feel and user-friendliness. There are many designers who work hard to make a site so unique and “cool” that they hope to win awards for their work. But Pine Media is not about winning awards for us. We want you to win the award of having an effective site that accomplishes the purpose you wanted the site in the first place: to sell products, or to present ideas, or to make connections. If the site doesn’t do what it was set up to do, design awards will not change that.

Pine Media is co-owned by someone with over 20 plus years in design. Not a graphic artist, but rather someone who built newsletters and fliers and magazines that were designed to communicate. Those skills moved to the web in 1997 and are still used with the same purpose in mind: to communicate!

Design includes the graphics used, the layout, and the colors and fonts used throughout a site. With many years of experience in how to blend the right images with the right colors and typography, Pine Media believes that we offer sites that the client can be proud to call their own.

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